Friday, December 18, 2009

Angels, Angels, Everywhere

> > > See free tutorial at:http://www.beadjewe%20lrymaking.%20com/2009/%20project/december%20_kid.html
Christine (angelbeadflower) has awesome tutorials, many of them using RAW
stitch at her free site. These angels were an adaptation, as I didn't have
the exact beads she required, nor the longer headpins, at least until my DH
stopped by after work and picked some up for me!
This angel was made using
the tall 1" bugles, and the method outlined below, using thread
instead of bugles to hold the bits together. Crystal briolettes
are her wings here.
The angel on
the left was done to Christine's instructions, using a headpin
to hold all together, but I turned the hanging loop at top to
make it her halo.
The angel on the right;used headpin to hold together, her
halo is a SS roundell, crystal briolettes for her wings.
This is a headpin
attached angle, with pressed glass wings and a SS beadcap for
her halo.
This was my first angel
and I had to adapt the pattern a bit- no long headpins, not
enough 3mm bicones, and no 12o seed beads! I used 3mm
round crystals in place of the 12o, with doubled Fireline, and
4mm bicones between the bugles, with SL seed beads
between bugles and crystals. After I got the skirt finished
to her instructions, I went back with the thread and added
more 11o SL see beads between the others, and between the
3mm round crystals, to strengthen it up and fill in the thread
gaps...I am funny about thread showing! LOL!I used a 10mm
round crystal at the base, with an 11o seed bead to hold it in
place- made a surgeon's knot in the Fireline, then used thread
burner to create a little bunch next to the knot, so it would
not pull out of the 11o, and would be at the bottom of all. I
then went up through the skirt, add the arms/wings combo
(substituted two briolettes for wings), and took thread
between the 3mm rounds I substituted for the 'hands',
through the 11o SL in the skirt, back over between the
3mm hands and down through the skirt to the base 11o,
through it and back up through the 10mm round, skirt
and arms/wings.I then added a large glass heat, point up,
and went through it, poking the top of it through the
arms/wings, added a 6mm round for the head, a SS roundelle
for the halo and a largeish Czech seed bead to hold everything
together at the top- then back down through the halo, head,
and heart. Then I added 3 110 SL seed beads, took the thread
through the 11o SL seed bead at top of skirt, back up the
3 SL 11o beads, heart, head and halo, pulling tight as I went
along. Her head then dropped down like she was praying,
and I like the look. I went out through the seed bead holding
the halo on, then added some more 11o seed beads to make a
circle to hold her onto the tree.
I have to say that both methods; headpin and sewn-together,
work much better for me when I used thread and 2 seed beads
to hold the skirt and arms/wings together.
I really enjoyed making these, thank you Christine! I hope my
Friends and Family like getting them for their gifts!