Saturday, December 19, 2009

our bodies, go for the alkaline!

It was asked on a wire group if being acidic might affect how
one's body reacts to metals like copper and silver, and if there
were foods that might was my reply.
AHH, a subject near and dear to my heart...have been on the
trail of figuring out how the body actually works with foods;
vitamins, minerals, enzymes, PH levels, etc for the past 30 years.
Certain foods promote acidity of the body, other make us more alkaline.
A quick way to find out is to buy PH strips from the drugstore.
If you are in the base, or center range, that is good. The body functions
well at those levels.
If you are in the mid-high acid range, you are prone to more than just
turning your silver black; all sorts of bacteria, viruses and 'diseases'
can attack you with success.
Stress increases acidity.
A quick fix, tho not one that is expected to be the cure all and be-all
of fixing this problem is to take 2TBS of maple syrup with 1 tsp of
baking soda mixed in it. This actually tastes quite pleasant. Avoid
using Arm and Hammer, because their aluminumm levels are too high.
A more permanent solution is to increase your intake of fresh fruits and
veggies to a total of 5 servings per day- that is a mixed of veg and fruit,
or all veg, or all fruit, but 5 a day.Cut back on your carb and sugar intake-
both make you acidic.Cut out soft drinks, even the diet (which not only
make you acidic from unbalancing your phosphorus/calcium levels-
leading to other bad things like bone loss-but the stuff in diet drinks
also upsets your insulin levels and will actually make diabetes worse!).
Drink water- either carry something like a bottle around you, so you
know you have drunk it, or set 'times' for it, like drinking 1 cup- 8 oz,
right after getting up, before meals, and before going to take your
shower in the evening. You will be surprised at how much better this
little bit can change things.
Do things that make you happy and calm- stress increases acidity.
Learn meditation, biofeedback, take a walk, play with your pets,
talk to your family and friends, read a book, create, whatever works for you.
Check out and see his latest article on how being
alkaline can extend and even save your life!
Interesting that the National Health group just put out that the medical
society in our country is the 3rd leading cause of death here...most just want
to promote drugs and surgery, but not know a darn thing about how the
body works! Sort of like putting in whatever petroleum product in any
part of a car, and expecting it to work fine, then send it to the mechanic
to replace things when it doesn't. When is the last time you put kerosene
into your gas tank? The medical docs here think that doing the equivalent
in our 'foods' is fine, yet our bodies haven't changed from the primatives
they were hundreds of years back, and you cannot fool Mother Nature!
If you think they have our best interests at heart- check out the new
drugs to help folks stop smoking- they cause paranoid schizophrenia,
according to their own side effects!
"hey Honey, I quit smoking, but why are those people talking about me?"
Nice, real nice...and I have a family that is firmly entrenched in the
medical world- doctors, medical transcriptionists, nurses, and
THEY are afraid of the world they work in...
OK, I get off my soap box now..LOL!Thanks for letting me pass this
on...and if you try even just one suggestion regularly, bet you feel better!

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