Thursday, December 3, 2009

A bolo of his own

I have wanted to do a bolo for Kurt for years, but didn't find what
I needed for the showy bit til this year; a bone woman's face with
an eagle over top. It was very white, so used a toothpick and leather
dye to give it color, then clear acrylic spray over to seal it. By the
way, those SOS pads removed dye I had gotten on my hands and fingers!
The 'cord' body is done in herringbone, using 14o hex Matsuno beads.
I added green 'goldstone' drops at the ends, attaching them with 24K
13o charlottes. I also ran a single line up each of the herringbones when
I got it the correct length, making sure to not pull things crooked as I
did, so as to strengthen it against all the tugging it will endure being put
on and taken off....I hope he likes it!

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