Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's not only official, but it shows!

OK, I admit it....I am a BEAD SLUT! Can't leave them alone....walk the aisles in WallyWorld, sneering at most of their beady offerings but still fondling, even as I leave the area. Can be found poking about in the 'mens' section, looking for yet more storage that works, is easy to transport, and that I can actually SEE my beads without opening.
And the kicker? I, sob, couldn't leave them alone long enough to finish one measly little scarf! Told myself it was because I wanted fatter knitting needles(those 6s were going to take the rest of my life, nevermind how nice the scarf was turning out!). So, bought the 15s, but did I knit?? You MUST be kidding....I heard these cute little glass ornaments, about an inch wide calling out to me.....'we want beads',' pick us-pick us', and 'you know you want to do it'!
So, not being able to resist either them OR the beads, I took a few hours (netting always takes longer than you think, on the first project of a different size-for me, anyhow) and covered them with netting after gluing the tops securely in place with Gluesmith Glue. Then shoved 3mm and 4mm Czech FP rounds into any spaces they would fit, filled in others with more netting, and VOILA! Wore one to lunch with friends, and they liked it!
Callie Catt tested them for sturdiness by pushing them off my beading table 3 foot to the hard wooden floor. They bounced nicely!
I wish I had bought more- they came 12 to a plastic box for a dollar....
Back to the scarf...happy beading, everyone!


Gale said...

Very clever and very pretty! I love beaded ornaments and yours are some of the nicest I have seen! Gale

Gypsy said...

Thank you Gale!! But do you think I need Intervention, like the AMC show?? Hello, my name is Aryd'ell- A-R-Y-D-E-L-L. I can't stop making things with beads. I forget to make meals, I buy beads instead of food, I rush around trying to make it look like I cleaned the house, instead of hiding all the clutter under the sofa... LOL!

Beadwright said...

Hey I have been buying beads instead of food for over 45 years. There is NO help. LOL
Have a great holiday

Gypsy said...

Thanks Nicole- at least I am in good company :-).
Happy Holidays to you!

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Oh!!!how cute!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

marsspyder said...

I have made many of those wallyworld trips. I know there isn't usually anything I want in the bead aisle but I still enter. And I have more tackle boxes than a seasoned fisherman :) Love the ornaments and Merry Christmas