Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breaking with 'The Big T'

Most folks don't even give this a thought...the Big 'T', or Tradition,
rules many holidays in our lives. Indeed, Tradition rules
much of most aspects of our lives. We go to certain restaurants, visit
certain relatives (and avoid others), etc, etc, all without thinking
of whether we really enjoy any of it.
I am tossing Tradition out this year, at least as far as
decorating my tree with the things I want to see on it for a month.
If my two daughters want the traditional decorations, they will have
to drag them out of their boxes in the spare room and put them on
when they come to visit.
What a relief it is to not even THINK about hauling all that mess out!
There were bits and bobs of unfinished pendants, pendants I would
ever wear, beaded dolls (including my Fish!), as well as some
honest-to-goodness beaded ornaments or ornaments with beaded
covers- all these are going onto the tree.
Everything on the tree this year is something I made, and will be fun
to look at in the softly glowing lights of an evening.
I wonder if anyone else will be inspired to toss some Traditions out
the window, and begin one of their own??
You may notice doubles of some of the photos- I tried to get Blogspot
to not turn some sideways, but gave up, and it is a pain to remove the old!
As always, click on any photo to make it full-size.
Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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