Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Round Robin doll going home!!

The Jungle Dolls Round Robin @ Beaddreamz yahoogroup is coming to a close this Dec 15, and I worked hard getting Jo Adam's doll finished and ready to go home early! There are many gifts I have still in my head that need to come out and get into my hands, so they can wend their way to friends and family, so Orchis, the beads, Diane Fitzgerald's The Beaded Garden and I sat down for a two day marathon, in between cooking for eight! LOL!
I hope you like the results!
Beaders included; Dian, Gail, Jo, Sherry, Ruth and myself.
I can't wait for mine to come home- she is going onto the tree..
Come join the next Round Robin at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/beaddreamz/ and have some beady fun!
And, as always, click on either photo to make it full-size.


kaite said...

beautiful work, all the different beaded areas have come together beautifully (?beadifully), well done everyone...k.

Pelantura said...

Un trabajo impresionante.