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I got a personal reply- so very kind and sweet! It is wonderful to hear from another beader on the other side of our world.
I didn't realize that most beaders there use Miyuki and Toho brands, almost exclusively. Here, we fight to find suppliers that carry those brands of seed beads in prices we can afford, or think we can afford. Charlottes are hard to come by, as are the Czech seed beads. Interesting, when you think of how much closer the Czech Republic is to them, than it is to us.
Again, I thank Laure for sharing the donut pattern- it is pretty, and teaches much while attempting it.
What I learned last night; all size 8 beads are not the same- the Matsuno brand gave me fits, as it was not only uneven in width from hole side to hole side, but also very tubular, with thick walls. I went to the Miyuki, which also had much width differences, but the walls were very thick as well. If I had culled so that the thinner width size 8 were in the first row, then the thicker used on the second row, I would have gotten it to lay nicely. However, see the photo for the wobbly look!!
If I am good at nothing else, I am great at frog-stitching (pulling out the beadwork!). So, I do love the color combo that is happening and will pull out and try using the thinner Miyuki on the inside row and the thicker on the outside. If that won't lay nicely, I am going to use a Toho, which I KNOW is very uniform in width from end to end.
I laugh when I realize now how quickly and easily the first donut went- I didn't even pay attention to the size 8 beads and it was nice from the start. My bead choice on that one? Toho!!
I am determined!!
Why not try creating your own?
Laure has posted the directions in pdf format on her blog, in 5 parts, with both photos and written directions. Using yahoo's babelfish gave me MUCH better translation than did Google.
Happy Beading!

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