Friday, June 4, 2010

Still More- We Got the Bead!

Robin, of We Got the Bead, is a new supplier for me, but has already turned into a very nice online friend! She closed her store, so that her DH could get on with his soon-due project, and she can be home with her children when need be. I am so glad she decided to do online selling, as she has the nicest selection of Jeans thread, Japanese seed beads (15s, 11s, 8s and 6s!) in great colors and finishes, as well as a plethora of other tempting goodies, like these crinkly round wavy metal bits, that are just crying out to be used in a bracelet similar to those shown in the latest beady magazines!
Her prices, without or without a sale, are awesome, and her shipping is free over $40! Everything came nicely packed, easily undone and drooled over...especially those permanent finish 8s and 11s in gold! I wanted to have those particular beads to do a Paso Doble bracelet, as I don't want to make something and have the finish come off!
Robin also included two vials of seed beads as a gift; a sweet matte peach 11 and a transparent peach 15!
Enjoy the pics, click on them to make them full-size, then get thee hence to and see what treasures YOU can find! Tell her Aryd'ell sent ya!
Oh, and you get bead bucks!! A buck for every $10 you spend, with no stipulations except an expiration date! Now that is a great incentive!


moonlitfantaseas said...

I agree We Got The Bead is a great place to shop Robin is great to work with and goes the extra mile to help you find what you need, I love shopping with her

steufel said...

Hmmmm, yummie! regards Stefanie

lovingbead said...

What a treasure! I am speechless!

Lidia said...

can't wait to shop there - thanks for the links. Your photos are delicious!