Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Ba-ack! Check out Beadwright goodies!

With our first grandbaby about to be born ( any time now!), getting my little Sweetie car back after a 3 month+ hunt for a part no longer made (but found by our most excellent mechanic, Rich), and a beady friend from FL visiting town ( and wanting to play!), I haven't gotten to my blog.
However, two really great reasons to get on today and show you pretties arrived in our mailbox; beads and bits from two really wonderful suppliers- Nicole Campanella ( ), and you can link right to her artfire and etsy sites via her blog. Many of you may have been following the events with her brother, and his and his family's love for each other shines like the beacon we could all use in our lives! Still, Nicole got back home, found an order waiting from me, emailed me to say it would go out soon as the holiday mail would allow, and here it is today- the flat Egyptian cabs are wonderfully detailed, and the swirls of green in the turquoise glass just beg me to get out my bead emboidery bits and use them in a collar Nefretiti would be proud of! The 'tiny beads' are just that- really, REALLY tiny bugles- way cool, and in a color I will have lots of use for. The colored squares of backing are stiffer than I am used to, so am looking forward to giving them a try, and the colors are varied enough and dark enough that I don't have to even think about taking colored pencils to them before adding beads. Nicole also thoughtfully added three charms, again, in an Egyptian theme; dragonfly, beetle and hawk!
You rock, Nicole!

Now, everyone go shopping while I get the next post ready...and remember you can click on any pic to make it full-size.

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Beadwright said...

Ohhh thanks for the wonderful post about me and my things. Have fun and be sure to show me what you end up making.