Friday, May 7, 2010

Pearly Heart Double-Sided Bliss

Bead and Button offered an online pattern by Susan Eisemann, called Two Hearts Forever. It is fast enough to work up, if you have the materials ( calls for 4mm glass pearls, 4mm bicones- but you can do it in two colors of pearls, 11o seed beads) and if you are fairly proficient in RAW, that you can make it up for Mother's Day!
I absolutely did not want to make two RAW bases, as the pattern called for, because the one a friend made, that I was able to fondle, felt bulky and sort of pooched out in the middle. So, I wanted to see if I could make one base, then embellish both sides.
YES! It can be done. I used Miyuki 11o beads, and culled as I went, to be sure that the holes were not small, as they were going to have to take multiple thread passes. I should have used 4# Fireline, but only had the 6# with me. It worked out fine, doncha think?
Instead of the beaded bail, I am going to attach sterling jumprings or the like to the top, so that a sterling chain can go through it.
Happy Beading! And Happy Mother's Day!