Monday, May 3, 2010


I hate it when I am right.
It is so not fun to spend hours creating something, and then have it fall apart.
Especially when it is a gift, and doubly so when it is to my Beloved!
Don't believe them when they say Nymo D on the large spool will hold.
It will fray over time.
DH was given, and followed, instructions as to how to be gentle with the 4 bead tubular herringbone rope on this bolo.
You can see in the one photo that it is a soft leather backing, that I stitched in place just snug enough to barely hold the rope in place.
The nymo stretched, and finally gave out, despite pre-stretching.
I would rather pay the extra, and use Fireline!
I hope it can be redone before his Spring concert this Thurs...grrrrrr!
Pooh on you, Nymo!


Anonymous said...

Thx ur share........................................

marsspyder said...

Nymo is a PITA...apparently I pull too hard sometimes and *boink it breaks, and never in an easily reparable place. I do like the colors, but it really is a pain sometimes.

steufel said...

Ohh, what a pity. I feel sorry for you. And I can totally relate to nymo. I had the same problems with Toho Yarn. I switch to fireline. regards Stefanie

Kaite said...

yes i'd be grrrr too, but then i've never liked nymo, not even for bead embroidery.
Take heart, i just ripped out the whole of my next shawl, about 15 rows by 390 stitches!! there was a problem with the pattern...k.

Gypsy said...

Steph, I have never tried the Toho, so now will never!
Kaite- oh, how least you DO keep the yarn, I hope so anyhow...sometimes the nicest yarns don't take well to being pulled apart.

a2susan said...

I find that herringbone is hard on almost any thread or wire. There's something about the tension of the stitch that seems to break the thread a lot. You also have to be careful how you knot off or weave off a thread - sometimes that is where the stitch breaks. I'm sure you'll have it fixed in time!

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Oh what a bugger!

I have to admit I am a fan of Nymo but definitely not Nymo B or Nymo D. I only ever use Nymo 00 and can say I have never had any problems with it fraying or breaking.

I can't use Fireline - I just find it tangles too much when I am stitching and causes me too many headaches.

I hope you get this gorgeous piece fixed... it's too nice not to!