Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ahhh, Florida in the Winter

Nothing like a trip to the semi-tropical climes when it is freezing in the mountains. Of course, it was colder there than usual, but still beautiful. Stopped overnight in St Augustine, which still has my Heart, to visit North Beach and ramble about town in the early morning, visiting old memories. Then it was on to Osteen, which is more like the Florida I remember from the early 70's- unspoiled wilderness, for the most part, warm folks, lots of palmetto scrub, palmetto trees, and wildlife;deer, raccoons, rabbits, hawks, eagles and....plecostamus???!!! Seems someone once thought those fish would be a great idea to clear the algae from Lake Ocachobee, but they are now burrowing into the dike, and putting the boat-bottom cleaning businesses out of business! Plus, they die in cold weather, and even the buzzards won't eat them! Strange.
Click on any pic to make it full size.
Had a wonderful visit, and lots of new memories to keep me warm, until the sun again shines here in the mountains of NC.


Lidia said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Made me seriously homesick.

s hyler said...

Glad you had fun, hope Bebee and Harleen are well too. You know I have one of those fish in my aquarium. LOL. looked like a storm brewing in the photos.
take care,