Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Days Are Just Right For Stringing

Many beadweavers poo-pooh stringing as 'simplistic, too-easy, boring', but done right, it is an art form unto itself. These 3 got taken apart and redone several times before I liked the balance. All are black tourmaline, except the two smaller rectangles on the center piece, which are dyed black onyx. All silver bits are sterling, and they are strung on Accuflex platinum 0.24. The clasp on center and bracelet are foldover magnets and the other is toggle, but you can't see it.

Hope you tourmaline has the property of deflecting negativity in both the wearer and situations outside the wearer.

1 comment:

Whytefeather said...

These are lovely! I should get me some black tourmaline lately! Lol.

I love all the rings you are coming with too, makes the raven go ooo sparklies!