Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soha turns into earrings-voila'!

Great pattern- you can find it here;
You have to use Rocailles- the thinner, donut shaped
seed beads, or it will buckle like made, instead
of gently curving to meet your wrist. I cannot see
myself doing 6 or 7 of these, so did one as earring,
and like it well enough to do another.
Tip; do not try adding the rocailles on either side of
the first 4mm Czech rounds you put on the sides,
but add them in the next row. Continue around,
then add the center 4mm rounds- add another
rocaille between the two center 4mm rounds, so
that when you tack it down to one of the first rocailles
added in Row 2, it lies nicely.
Be careful going through your delicas multiple times
if you have matte finish- they are a bit delicate. Just
wiggle your needle gently to make room, then ease
it on through. If it seems hard, get a smaller needle.
I used my beloved curved #10 John James beading
needle and 6# Smoke Fireline. The rocailles came
from a hank of beads I bought in the 1980's, at a
Pow-Wow. I also used a 4mm Margarite, not a 6mm.
Happy Beading!


Beading Butterfly said...

This would also make an absolutely fabulous ring!!! Beautiful colors, Aryd'ell!

s hyler said...

Beautiful, wonderful colors.