Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mysterious Mystique

She belongs to a friend of mine, who lives in VA. In an round robin

on a group I no longer belong to, she 'disappeared', or at least the

person who had received her (thanks to tracking, we knew THAT,

at least) would not return phone calls, emails,nor letters.

Surprisingly, after 3 years, Mystique showed up in a box with her

journal, and a note saying the person had found her and was

returning her! Hooray!

I asked to bead on her, and after her mom and I conferred, realized

the navy blue, white, and christmas green beads did not belong on

her branches...which the person who beaded her thought were arms.

Oh well, off the beads came, as well as the flower beads that were

scattered all over her form. You can see the beads in the bottom shot.

The flowers went to the great multi-colored flower field at the base,

on her back, filling that in nicely. The crystals are being reserved to

go in a dropped swirl by the pink curls at the side of her mask, when

the other bits are finished- nothing like swarovski bicones being pushed

back and forth while the rest is being worked on, to cut their threads!

I have pretty much filled in her face, and now have a sock on it while I

get to her branches....she is going home to Sherry on Thurs, and I want

her to be a good surprise!


Whytefeather said...

Oh how fantastic looking! I've admired Spirit dolls and Healing dolls that others have beaded, but haven't tried anything yet. I love this Tree doll. I hope you post finished photos if you can. Will you be finishing all the beading or just adding a large chunk to it before sending her home?

Lidia said...

It's so wonderful that she made it 'home' after all of that time. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished pieces.

nologic said...

She is beautiful. Your changes are a great improvement. I bet Sherry was very happy with the results. I'm so glad that she found her way home.