Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Guardian, Shelley, from Noel

She liked the name I picked for her, so Noel chose me to be the keeper of the Guardian her DH made! It is wonderfully smooth driftwood, and all sorts of shells, and now sits at my beading area, intimidating the cats.

Thank-you Noel, for this unique and beautiful gift!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful, Noel and Aryd'ell. It looks lovely where it is sitting, but I can imagine that it looks great in your bead area. Jeanne

Maggie R said...

What a treasure Aryd'ell. I'm sure the cats are wondering!!
BTW I looked at your weather.... Pretty nice compared to our deadly cold we are having right now!!!!
Oh Where...Oh Where are the daffodils
??????????....... Oh wait!! I hear them crying buried in the frozen ground!!!!

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

Lovely -- sure looks nice on your deck.

tammy said...

oh how nice !! lucky you aryd'ell
noels DH sure did a wonderful job-it makes me want to go to the beach-i love it there in any season!
have a great day