Friday, February 8, 2008

Birthday Bracelet for a friend..

I am wire-challenged. Even doing simple loops can be a study in how many sizes/shapes can be produced by one person in a short time.

Still, I wanted to do something for my friend, Julie, at work. Her birthday is coming up, and I know she loves bracelets, and silver. I had this silver wire sitting around for years.

So, many, many looped headpins later, I added some bronze matte AB niblets,mahogany clear AB niblets, and some Swars I don't know the color of, separated by black matte 9s.

They all went onto the pins in alternating pattern, like a checkerboard ( Julie collects checkerboards), then loops on the other side of the pin, to hold them on.

What to do now, I asked myself?

Inside the loops went Beadalon 19 strand beading wire, with violet-purple transparent SL 5s separating the wires. Not bad.

Hmmm, don't have any two-hole connectors, only a three hole. So what! I attached each end to the outsides of the silver lead-free pewter connectors, then did a drop with a larger version of the smaller Swars that run down the middle. Put that into the center slot of each connector. Better and better.

A SS simple circle clasp, and voila! Even Yoda Fuzzcat wears it with pride, or something. LOL!

I hope she likes it.


kristen said...

Wire-challenged?! I don't think so! Julie will love this :) Its beautiful-love the colors...

Phyl said...

Pretty! Pretty! Love the colors; and boy, are you good with "make-do" parts!

Maggie R said...

What's NOT to like... Oh My!!! this is gorgeoso Gypsy!!
Wire challenged? NOT!!!!!
Happy beading

tammy said...

hi gypsy
oh thats a beauty!!
not sure what i like best tho the bracelet or that beautiful fuzzy yoda-ok i'll take both then :)
have a great day

tammy said...

oh BTW your PIF that you signed up for on my blog is on its way to you as of 2.7.08
enjoy :)

Strawberry Lane said...

How beautiful. You must have the patience of the saints to do that detailed work!

Am in love with your adorable animals!

Gypsy said...

Thanks, everyone!
The animals thank you, also, for reminding me of their they have just today been very naughty! LOL!