Monday, April 29, 2013

What I am doing now- a couple great thread tips

Do you ever get tired of grabbing your Fireline or other large, flat spools, and finding the little pieces of tape that hold the thread from coming off have given way, or disappeared altogether?
Do your spools tangle?
Are you disappointed in the spool holders you got in the fishing department, that are supposed to keep the spools in place, with little rubber-lined openings for the threads to be pulled out? Do these work fine as long as you keep them at home, and don't knock them around, but as soon as you take them somewhere, the threads come off their spools as they rattle around, and tangle when you pull the threads? Do you gnash your teeth when you have to open the box and once again tighten the thread around each spool?
Do you throw the entire thing across the room?
Do you have regulation-size thread spools of Sono or other threads, that the thread end just won't go into or stay into the little cut on the side of the spool?
If you can claim any of these, there IS a solution.
I have to give credit to Sherry Grove, for first showing me this.
I must hang my head in shame for waiting 3 YEARS to implement this wonderful tip.
Sigh. I don't know if I am stubborn, or just lazy.
But, I am glad I started now. That little purple pencil box now holds over 900 yards of various threads, with room for about another 600!
And, the thread will never, ever, EVER tangle again!
The trick?
Kumihimo bobbins!
These are the smaller bobbins, though I did purchase some of the larger ones to try, this past weekend.
I used our cordless drill, two children's paintbrushes, and a nose tissue.
Put the spool you wish to empty onto the wooden end of the paintbrush, and hold it upright between your legs, while you are sitting comfortably.
Put the empty bobbin onto another paintbrush, sliding it down the handle toward the bristles until it is firmly in place. You can use a dowel, or whatever the bobbin fits snugly onto, that will fit into the end of your drill.
Place the wooden end of that paintbrush with the bobbin in place into the drill end and tighten firmly.
Wrap the end of the  thread around the opened bobbin in the direction that will allow it to fill. You will have to redo this if you wrap in the wrong direction.
Holding the thread that is stretched lightly between the drill and the spool on the paintbrush between your leg with the tissue, start the drill with your other hand. Watch to see if the bobbin is filling or unwinding. Use the tissue holding the thread to both clean off the black and to move the thread up and down the bobbin you are filling, so that it is filled evenly from top to bottom.
The 125 yard spools of Fireline, Dandyline, Power Pro and SpiderWire Stealth all fit perfectly onto the spools, up to the 10# size.
The 300 yard spools of Fireline fit onto them, up to the 8 # size.
If your thread is 20# or more, you may need two or more bobbins.
This is the opposite of what you do, if you use the thread from their original spools.
Otherwise, you risk more tangles.
Remove the paintbrush from the drill, take the bobbin off, make sure the thread is near the inside of the fold, then fold over the other edge.
Voila! No more escaping thread ends! You can toss these into any container without worry.
Now, for the smaller, regulation style spools of thread, like Sono, KO, etc, I put them onto my sewing machine and used bobbins from a machine that I no longer own, that will not work with my current machine. A full spool of 125 yards takes two sewing machine bobbins. I wish I had had enough kumihimo bobbins to put these threads onto them, but I didn't, and was impatient. I did give each their own TINY plastic bag, with the thread coming out of a hole I poked into it. The bobbins just fit and turn inside the bags. I don't know where I got these bags, but they were perfect. So far, the thread comes off without tangles, but I will put any new threads I buy onto the kumihimo bobbins, as they are more easily purchased, and self-close.
These threads you will need to put onto the end you cut, just the opposite of what you did on their original spools, for the same reason listed above.

Now, for the past tip, and I do not remember who first told me this. Again, WHY did I WAIT so long to try it??
Geez Louise!
Here it is, and it is so simple. Please don't disregard it like I did, for so long....
Use beeswax to run your Fireline through before using, especially the smoke!
The black won't come off on your hands (and no amount of running it through cloth, paper towel, etc really gets it clean) and it will tangle much less.
So, there you go.
Have fun playing with these tips, and Happy Beading!

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Brilliant tips, thanks for sharing.