Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rip it or not...that is the question, or is it??

OK, while the photo is smaller than I would normally make it, that's because I am still working on the tutorial.
I like the two darker versions, but the top was supposed to evoke Mardi Gra/Carnivale. Couldn't find the lighter color twin beads I knew I had. Looked in the box they were supposed to live in. Nope. Did I send them to someone....nope.
Of COURSE, after I get this far, I find them. I didn't like how dark the center twin iris purple green were, so need to decide- rip it, or just make another.
I won't wear this, so will probably just rip it out and start again...
Oh well, those who know me, know that's how it is.
Stay tuned for the better, more colorful version.
And those light purple and aqua twins?????
They were hiding out in the Boot's tray of beady things!
Durned Boot- always gotta have the best for itself :-)
Happy Beading!

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