Monday, March 21, 2011

Honeycomb Bracelet

Cynthia Rutledge has a bangle on front of Bead and Button magazine, April 2011 issue #102. I am not fond of bangles, as by the time I make them large enough to get over my hand (which matches the rest of my 6' personage), they are WAY too large for my wrist and arm.
I wanted to make it with a clasp, but as she has the faceted crystal roundelles held onto the bangle with thread, tying it into a circle, that was not going to work for a clasped bracelet. (And I would use Beadalon or Acculon braided coated beading wire for that, with a crimp, before I trusted ANY thread, even doubled and going through the circle of crystals twice...those crystals are SHARP!)
Finally worked out on on a smaller base (9 rows, instead of 11 wide), smaller roundelles turned the other way, and less of those, size 15 seed beads on top and Miyuki 3.4mm drops on the sides, instead of 3mm pearls. It has a similar look, but the clasp makes it so much better for me.
Hope you like.
Click on any pic to make it full size.
Happy Beading!


steufel said...

This is really, really pretty!

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!! pretty colours!!!

aljamie said...

This is so pretty!!

Mary Jo Leonard said...

Hey Aryd'ell!!!!
I googled this bracelet just for a photo so I could choose beads for the retreat...and your post came up within the top 10!!!! I am so happy to have found you!
See you tomorrow