Friday, July 16, 2010

'Fake' Chinese Bloggers

Found yourself being 'hit' by 'Chinese' bloggers in your comments section?
Set your comments to being moderated.
And know that many of these are not Chinese at all, but just pretenders.
Case in point-
was one hitting my blog with so-called ancient wisdom-nothing to do with my blog.
His blog was removed- report those blogs that seem suspicious or spamming.
This is a recent post he tried to put on, but I removed
and here was his blog name
If you went to google translate, you got
'We're too old too fast, but smart too late'
Wow...are you not impressed?
Do these folks even have a life?
If you clicked on the blog name, and watched the toolbar, you could see the isaacjensen85 address come up first, then it would switch.
First clue that this was anything but a Chinese person.
Thank goodness Google listens when we complain about spam.
And there should be no question about why I have all comments moderated first by me.
Get a Life, Isaac Jensen, wherever you are- you obviously have creative leanings, so why not use them for something beautiful or inspiring, instead of annoying.


Gypsy said...
Gee- another fake Chinese blogger tries to comment, aren't I impressed?

Gypsy said...

And yet another 'fake' ID- this one thanking me for allowing updates on my experiences. This, from a person who has the same blog look(assuming it is just the same template, just changing IDs) and allows NO comments on their site ROFLMAO!
Must be connected to a Josh that is the same name found at the bottom of ALL these 'Chinese' blog pages.
Get a Life folks, create something like True conversation between folks....or, have you truly nothing to say, but only repeat what you have seen or heard, like a parrot?