Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When you need to laugh so hard...

that you p your pants, check out http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ .
The first time I ran into her site, I stayed up to 4 in the morning, laughing and crying! Did I need it? YES! Did I scare all the animals so they ran into the bedroom and hid from the perceived source of insanity? YES! Did my DH come out to see what the heck I was laughing at, then stay up from 2-3am laughing along with me? YES!!
Was it worth it? HELL YES!
And it was, and still is healing...laughter truly is the best medicine.


Cathryn said...

Love CakeWreckers! Just love them! Make me laugh so hard every time. I need them at least once a week.

Thanks for stopping by my place--you're right--the teeniest bit of floating cat hair is that special ingredient! Come back again!

Lidia said...

Thanks for that link! I laughed so hard that....well...you know.