Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gotta Have 'Em Beads and What to Do With Them

You know the ones I mean...the ones you have no clue as to how you will use them, you probably can't afford to buy them right now, but you go ahead and add them to your stash, taking them out now and then to admire, then put back into hiding?

The sharp-edged faceted AB beads, both in oval and triangular shapes, were just those beads a couple of years back. They had just hit the wholesale market, and at the wholesale show in Franklin, NC, they screamed 'buy me'!! Wouldn't you know, that was not a good money year for us, and I had pooled my little bit of 'extra' cash, plus a tiny amount on a credit card, just in case. The show had just opened, and it was in the new steel frame building, that was covered with a permanent sort of building-shaped tarp. The steel interfered with cell phone service, as well as any of the vendors being able to use their credit card machines. This poor younger woman not only had to put up with me drooling all over her new style glass beads, but then to add insult to injury, couldn't even run my card to let me buy them! I was heartbroken, didn't have enough cash, and turned to leave when she offered to take my number and run it later..usually that is something I prefer to not do, but I let my greed for those beads take over, and walked away with squares, triangles and oval rectangles in two colors!

She was as good as her word, ran the card after the show, and mailed me my receipt.

I never knew what to do with the beads until I ran into these 3 hole, 3 bump greenish purple Czech pressed glass beads from Silver Armadillo!

Voila! This necklace practically made itself!

I had to add a couple of Czech ovals to fill in, but had exactly the right number, in the right colors, to do that.

It fits like a dream, and is blingy enough to satisfy any Mardi Gras cravings!