Friday, March 27, 2009

Gifts from OZ

My dear Friend in OZ, Lynn, sent me a lovely gifty package- complete with the shocking pink Fireline (yes, I painted my entire room that exact color when I was 13, and had to live with it until I moved out just shy of 19, and still love it!), a wondrous Czech glass button in Red AB, lovely silver spacers. just right for the different beaded beads in Diane Fitzgerald's new book, a VERY INTERESTING two-holed spacer, that has a faceted black glass cab for the top ( can you say 'toggle end'??!) , some orange beads that she has challenged me to find a use for ( that come in the sweetest little plastic container with two hands on the lid) and the best part of it all- an Aussie wool-lined needlecase, where the lanolin will keep my needles from rusting AND I can see how many I have left (not enough of the curved ones, I can tell you!). You can see what I used before that gorgeous lace-trimmed and butterfly embellished case arrived- the tin that gum came in originally. A great way to lose track of what needles are what, unless you are truly anal about putting them back into the little paper packets they came in, when you are through.
Aside-there were so many needles out of place in that tin that I despaired of separating them correctly; Pony Brand 12s, Japanese 13s, John James 12s and 10s. But, what the eyes could not discern, the fingers could!! How cool is that!?
Thank you, Lynn- this was a truly special surprise!


Carol said...

Nice surprise for you! And a lovely gift.

RedChili said...

what a lovely surprise! I can't wait to see what you do with it. No pressure, of course! :) Gale