Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dances With Hearts

She was to be my swap doll, for the Spread the Love doll
swap at Beaded Art Dolls yahoogroup, but my dear MIL
needed me, and I forgot Dances at home. She is just now
finished, and I am so happy with her.
Her face came in a swap, and was made by my dear friend
Sherry's daughter, Rachel, who lives in Pennsylvania. I
thought the face looked somewhat Balinese, so I wanted to
reflect that in both the pose, and the beadwork. So, she is
dancing with her arms upraised, wearing both an ornate skirt
with circular pattern and leggings. Her shoes are strapped with
upturned toes and her hair is both up and braided in back, with
hearts dangling from the ends. She stands 5 inches tall, and looks
sublimely serene, as she dances with her hearts, and with Heart.

1 comment:

Carol said...

She is SO sweet!! I love her little Mary Janes!! Love Her!