Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Need some honest opinions

I am torn. I love the texture, and are super happy with the center of this cuff, and the lighter beads at each end, but not so much with the darker ones. I am almost convinced that they draw the eye to them, and leave you there. But, I have been staring at it pretty much soley, for two weeks, so am asking you to double click on the photos, and tell me what YOU think.



Loffland said...

I disagree. I think the piece needs the balance and contrast of the darker areas. The lighter (agate?) cabs in the dark areas is good contrast, too. I do find my eye drawn to the middle. The piece is wonderful.

Phyl said...

It's beautiful, but is this the same cuff shown in 3 pix a couple of posts down from today's pix?! Or are you working on two different cuffs at once?

Gypsy said...

Yes, Phyl, it is the same one, just with the embellishment in the center finished, and the pic came out a bit darker...Lynn M said my pics were coming out very light- apricot and sea green was what she saw, and that is just too light. My monitor is set too dark, thanks to DH, as he hates bright ones! LOL! Interferes with my pics...

Gypsy said...

I am still not certain about the one huge dark area....but have come to acceptance with the side that has the thinner dark...it does make a nice contrast, and picks up the darker beads and colors scattered throughout..but am still not making a decision til it feels RIGHT!

tammy said...

hi aryd'ell
had to say not seeing it in person-but i love it :)
the colors are soft and earthy and i love the texture of it-only you can decide :)
hehee not much help am i?? VBG

Noel said...

I disagree too....your eye is drawn to the center...it's s dynamic focal point then your eye wanders to the darker areas...but remember when it's on you will only see the center as the darker parts will be down on the sides....make sense?
Nice colors and great beading as usual Aryd'ell

Anonymous said...


I love it. Your eye does settle in the middle, though. If you want it to wander all over, I would think a few more dark added to the middle would make the eye travel all over the piece.
Just my 2 cents,