Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cuff Update

So far, I didn't like the bareness of the aventurine, plus it was just not textural (is that a word?) enough for me. So, added some 15s in a peyote bridge, in peridot colors, then went back between the bridge connectors of the original 15s, and added a second line of peyote, but using peridot chips as the middle bead, between two aventurine colored 15s.

And here is the clue for the support of this bracelet- you should be able to figure it out, now!



Christina said...

I love all that texture you/ve created and it's such a help being able to see the bigger picture too. Your cuff is going to be a real stunner!!

clevelandgirlie said...

Hey Gypsy! Your beading is magical. Peridot is my birthstone -- it is a lovely gem. Can't wait to see this when it's completed. I'm a fellow Northcarolinian - live over toward Raleigh -- LOVE LOVE LOVE Asheville. You are so blessed to be living near such an inspirational and ecclectic area. My favorite restaurant over there is the Mediterranean restaurant -- that has the belly dancers -- know which one I mean????? Also love Malaprop's bookstore. You lucky girl!

Phyl said...

Lordy, that beaded VERY "textural" bracelet cuff is just plain disgusting, Ary'dell; it's SO gorgeous!!!You are showing your stuff now, girl! Wish I lived nearer to you for some classes..thanks for sharing your progress!

tammy said...

hi aryd'ell
your cuff is gorgeous!!!!!!!
what a statment for the wrist!
i love big and bold jewelry:)
and i like the way you are recycling a water bottle for the blank!
can't wait to see it finished

Anonymous said...

Fantastic beading. I love it.


Gypsy said...

Thanks, everyone! Back to the leaves for me!