Monday, December 31, 2007

Winter Mice

They all seem to want to come inside this year...and it is driving the kitties crazy! They go from the livingroom, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and the laundryroom, opening cupboard doors and scouting around inside! You might reach in the bath closet for a towel, to see two green, glowing spheres staring at you, or reach to get that colander, and come out with a kitten, instead!
For all that trouble, however, we are short three mice! CallieCat caught two of them, and boy, was she proud of herself. It was the low growl at 4am that woke me....she was telling the other two to leave her prize alone!
She kindly let me have them, though, and I tossed the dead bodies over the side of the mountain, off the deck, for the possum to enjoy.
This morning, the Queen, Puffin, had one, and she was not about to give it up, not even to her Mommy- me! I had to lock the other cats in the bedroom, and then light the kerosene heater. She finally came over to toast herself, letting the mouse body drop as she did. I scooped it up in one hand, and her in the other, hiding the mouse from her sight. Tossed that one out the door (thank goodness it is a short deck, with the mountainside right next to it!), and made much of her mousing abilities. She has deigned to sit in my lap while I type this about her!
And yes, it was at 4am, again!
Good thing I am off today!
Happy New Year's EVE, everyone!

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