Saturday, December 1, 2007

a gift for me!!

I received this wonderful doll from Kathi H, of beaded_art_dolls, named Passion! She came with her own little, homemade bag, which she now uses as her personal rug!

Thanks, Kathi!



Artmom said...

Wow, these are gorgeous!! Saw your things on Imagination prompts(I lurk only, I keep thinking, NEXT WEEK!!!)Do you have an etsy shop?? I would so buy these! Beautiful!!!

Gypsy said...

No, no etsy shop yet...that is on my to-do list. However, I do special orders, so that the doll fits her new home and family...cost depends on size and materials used! Not horribly expensive, though.....I just cannot seem to charge by the hour! LOL!
Thanks for looking!