Tuesday, February 11, 2014

OTTBS, or how I learned to love blogging, again

Beading is my passion! Designing, creating or just playing with the little bits of colored glass, stones, thread and needles brings me great joy. Left to my devices, I would do little but bead, morning to dusk.  If it weren't for my immediate family getting me up for walkies, play and food, I would be found, shriveled to a husk, needle in hand and beads before me!
Blogging used to be so fun. It was easy to add some photos, write a bit of text, then post and see who shared in your dreams and excitement. Then, Google made it all 'important looking' and much more 'nerdy'. I am sure that, with time and poking about, the new format will make sense to me and I will dash off a blog with no more care than before the changes.
The newest impetus to do so comes from a wonderful Facebook bead group Operation Tackle That Bead Stash. The group sponsors several challenges a month to help us reduce our stash, so we are not overwhelmed and covered in all the beads we have, along with all the new bead styles, colors, shapes and sizes we covet. Part of the challenge includes blogging about your entry. This is just the push I needed!
The earrings above are from the newest challenge, Beads In Motion, Beads, Book and Bounce . Mouse over the wordage, then click on the link for more information on either OTTBS or the book and challenge.
  The pattern for the earrings pictured above is a free one, and the link is contained within the Beads in Motion, Beads, Book and Bounce post on the blog. I didn't have the chain required for the bottom bit, so got creative and used size 15 seedies, instead. I substituted Swarovski Element Crystal Pearls, Chinese faceted roundelles and Czech FP in the dangles, as well, to go along with the fun look created by the colors of the main parts.
The pattern was easy to follow, and I had only a little bit of trouble with the flat part that holds the dangles. When it was embellished, it was much too tight to allow my seed beads through. I think even the chains would have had difficulty being pulled through, next to the main circle. I created a second piece, adding two rows to the base, which solved the problem. I really feel part of this was due to the beads I chose for the main circle, which were frosted, matte 11s. Those can be slightly thicker than plain, opaque seed beads. Add to that my tight tension, and it needed just the two extra rows to be a perfect fit.
My loving hubby, Kurt, bought me both copper and black, diamond-cut fine chain, when he visited our chiropractor earlier this week, as a surprise! Now, I think I will make the pattern just as Marcia DeCoster designed it!


NEDbeads said...

Awesome post!! I love your earrings and the colors you used - fantastic!! (I'd love to see them even closer up, too!!)

Glorious Beads said...

Good to see you're doing the blog! Your earrings are lovely and the photo/text perfect. Well done all around my friend! Jeanne

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous, I love the happy colour scheme! I'm really pleased that you're finding inspiration from the group and blog :)

Clair said...

Thank you so, so much for joining in with Bead, Book & Bounce! It was wonderful to read about your inspiration - and to see your fantastic earrings!

I should also say that this is the PERFECT write up for Bead, Book & Bounce - something a little personal, mixed in with your thoughts on the pattern and book!

You're a rock star!

Clair x