Sunday, May 5, 2013

Snip-snap! Free patterns out of all the cut up beads!

Just click on each photo to make them singular for printing, and full size, so you can see the beads. The top one is about 3" wide. The bottom onw, who know? Probably best for an amulet bag cover.
They both came from a pattern I found on the internet of free Moroccan patterns.
Here it is:
I had a bunch of beads that just wouldn't behave to be lengthened from a flat pendant into a bracelet. Sigh. That odd count peyote with cutouts and straps is best done all at once.
So came up with this pattern, using those colors.
The purple is Delica 1345, the bright pink is Delica 56, the softer pink is Delica 1066 (matte), the green inside the 'skirts' and hearts is Delica 122, The white is Delica 883(matte), and the background is Delica 332(matte).
I think it looks like a magic carpet. Hope it takes you for a nice ride!!
Hppy Beading!

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