Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013!

After a year of family trials, a move to our home, and lots of creativity stumping, I want to begin the new year with a post a week. Living even further from people (we are one of two families on this mountain that are here, year round), my hermit side and people side are vying for top cat. As both are needed for me to have creativity that flows, I find reaching out via the internet to be a good balance, especially if I can make a schedule and stick to it!
So, here is the beginning, and I start with my boot doll, which is part of a challenge on, you guessed it- Beaded_Art_dolls yahoo group. I opted to be mom for the two RRs, rather than put a form into it, which lets me bead what I see on this boot form.
She has a half face- her right side will be partly covered with an orchid earring bit, from the 60s. I marked around it so I can bead right up to where the orchid will need to be glued down, as it has no holes to bead through. I also didn't want it catching my thread every time I went by it, so off it stays til the end, or at least til I finish the top and can put a sock over it.
Have begun the sole- wanted it all one style of beading and just a simple color scheme, so stacks of turquoise 6s with three-cut transparent dark turquoise 11s to hold them in place. The design is hypnotising as I work on it...
The heel is done in RAW, with a metal bit I got from Robin Cowart, way back when she had her bead shop. It is meant to be part of an earring, or a pendant focal, but works perfectly as the bottom of the heel. The beads are three cut 11s, in transparent emerald AB, with charlotte 15s in copper. I think those came from Robin, too....wish she still had her shop- she had the coolest things!
So, it is moving along.
Enjoy the photos....see you next week with an update.
Or, sooner with photos of the finished Goosey Loosey!
Happy Beading!


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Catherine King said...

I am so happy to see you post. The boot is going to be fabulous Round Robin Mom. Can't wait and what can I say about Loosey Goosey.

Catherine in Florida