Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Round Robining again!!

You would think I had enough on my plate; a kumi rope and fully beaded doll, representing a 'Woman in Art' to be done by the end of September, plus the Hand and a beaded animal, which have until the end of Oct...and my DH's birthday, looming ahead on Oct 3, but who can resist working on these beauties?? The dolls are part of a Birthstone RR at Beaded Art Doll, with the doll above belonging to Sue O, and named Sapphire- her birthstone. I did her hair, and the part down her back.

This Jester belongs to Jeanne of OR, and she did the scrumptious beading using the swarovski bicones- peridot AB, that I cannot get to photograph true in all the rain we keep having. Indoor lighting just doesn't work for them. I did his left side; the leg, body and arm.
Stay tuned for more pics as things progress!!

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