Friday, November 14, 2008

Egyptian Cab 2

Both my DMIL and myself have been fascinated with all things Egyptian, but especially anything resembling the jewelry of old. I have tried to recreate this with an earring, bought at a recent bead retreat, and set up to be beaded as a cabochon. To me, the pattern was reminiscent of a scarab, ram's horns, and lightning- and of course, the gold was always used by Egyptian royalty.
The blue matte beads are much more lapis in real life, and don't photograph true, but the sapphire and ruby colored beads are better. The triangles around the edge have a malachite-azurite tinge, and of course, the gold beads are, well, gold! All elements beloved in jewelry by the ancient Ones....I hope you enjoy, and are inspired.
Remember to click on the pic to see the largest view.

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