Thursday, November 8, 2007

Frost on the Pumpkin, and everything else!

Oh yeah, I knew it was freezing last night for real, when Callie left the heater for our bed, putting her cold paws under my neck and snuggling into my hair!
The little pansy basket I received as a gift from a good friend is all crumpled, but with some sunshine today, will raise itself from a supposed death! Just another reason to love the little dear faces.
The giant ginko downtown was raining leaves, and they had not turned their usual bright gold before doing so.....all the plants and trees are a bit confused- alot of them think it is Spring now. Our fuschia laurel is blooming, as are the crepe myrtles. The crabapples put out a few puffs of white. Maybe now, with true cold, they will go to sleep, and recover from this awful year.....

Gold fans gently swirl
cover all below their tree.
Fall is truly here.


tammy lang said...

theres frost on our pumpkins too gypsy-i had to break the ice on the bird bath for the little ones to drink this morning-it was a two cat nite last nite one under and one on top of the covers-we still have spotty color-it wasn't as brillant this year-lack of rain but not nearly as bad as you..november is a favorite month for me

Gypsy said...

The colors here are more brilliant than any of the seven years I have lived here! Ruby reds, pumpkin orange, screaming yellows....just not as many of the leaves on the trees, as many of the treetops have leaves that are dried up, and look like they were heat-blasted. Still, the hills look as if they are carpeted in Joseph's coat....I love November, too....especially THANKSGIVING! This will be the first year that both daughters will not be home..and that we don't have a guest-without-a-family joining us- a tradition we enjoy.
But, I am sure that the four cats and two dogs will help us celebrate, and finish the leftovers!