Wednesday, January 13, 2021

It's been a very long time and journey

 A friend from the UK reminded me of my blog. So, here I am!

What's been happening? Loads and loads. Some beading, a lot of crocheting, especially since late February 2020. Our Friends of the Library Used Book Store manager lost her husband and had to move in with her daughter, too far away to manage, so I stepped up, was approved by the Friends board and are now happily doing what I can to keep our bookstore up and running through the current crisis, so that our library will have the funds they need each year.

Our Tippydogg is a bit older, but still spry, happy to go for walks, rides, and bark at squirrels form the deck. Calliecatt went over the Rainbow Bridge, safely at home in my arms. We have an older cat, our black grump, GabbyCatt, and a new kitten, Lysette, who is now in Maserati mode, running all over the house and driving Gabby crazy.

Our youngest is happily living in Silver City, NM, where we visited her early this year (WHAT a TRIP
!- I'll post photos in different missive), working in her chosen profession as Doctor of Physical Therapy, doing home health visits, along with her intended, Rene. They both share interests in plants (Rene does a great bonsai) and in fixing up the home they share, the two Lauren purchased as rentals (helps to have as your intended a guy who does tile, electricals, and plumbing, as well as being a Doctor of PT, so you can put each other back together after a hard day), and golfing- they live next to the community golf course. 

Rene tried to teach me to golf, and I think my efforts provided much amusement. Ah, 3 weeks in Silver City were really fun and I can't wait to visit again this year.

In the meanwhile, we are upgrading our current home as far as lower kitchen cabinets, deck painting and bathroom cabinet, lighting, sinks and shower tile, in preparation for moving closer to Lauren and Rene. Not in the desert, mind you, as my beloved hubby just cannot. He grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, surrounded by trees and forest, and found the landscape of the desert beautiful in its way, but far too bleak and dry. As long as there is an airport close by, and no more than 2 days' drive, I'll be happy with wherever we land. And no tourists flocking. I am SO over tourists. And no crappy mountain roads. I'd like my new-to-me Frontier truck, Sweet Cherie, who replaced my Suzuki Sidekick of 25 years, to last the rest of my life, thank you very much. Sweetie had over 400,000 miles when I sold her, and if the person had bothered to keep up with her oil use, she'd still be going strong, but of course, he didn't. RIP, Sweetie. You were a good and faithful vehicle.

Let's see. Hubby just retired at the end off 2020, 32 years of teaching, most of it as the Bandmaster at Cherokee schools, on the Qualla Boundary, 6th grade through 12th, as well as Film and Music History and appreciation.  He is happily back to writing his books when HE wants to, not having to leave at 6am to drive to school, and planning the HO model RR layouts we'll have in  our new home. AND he has put the sound studio, the Hearken Theatre, back into play with some newer equipment, to turn the books into full production soundplays: actors voicing parts, sound effects, narration, etc. for podcasting!! Woo-hoo!

It's been nice being back. I'll upload some photos next time. Til then, be happy, be well, be as joy-filled as you can!

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