Sunday, June 30, 2013

Freya's Cat

Freya, Norse Goddess of Beauty, Love, and War- loves the moon(his real moonstone crown), spirals (on his back), tritek (the symbol on the back of his head), and the Rune 'Cen' or Torch, symbolizing magic and knowledge. Her cats pulled her chariot, or cart, sometimes flying if needed.
Strangely enough, there are images of cats with vestiges of wings, and these real, everyday cats have extra bones at the shoulders, and their feathery fur looks much like the Angelina fibers shaped for this cat.

Created for the Stone Goddesses and their Winged Creatures Challenge at Beaded_Art_Dolls yahoo group, he started out as an ordinary Mickey D toy, that was rescued from being pinned to a wall as a joke at an art exhibit. Now he is his regal self, ready to serve the Goddess Freya, as needed.