Saturday, September 3, 2011

More fish pics

Just some closeups of my new fishies..

Barb Grainger's Pinecone pattern as Lotus

Get the pattern at tell Cindy I sent ya!

Bebee in orange

What to do with chicklets and her lovely watermelon bead bracelet- my, the woman does love Orange!

Paso Double tut- short version

RAW center first, with 3mm rounds and 1.5mm cubes. You can use larger of each.

Then seed beads- start with 4 on outside channel made by 1.5 mm cubes, then go through

next 1.5mm cube, pick up 3 seed beads and circle around (RAW) using closest seed bead from last RAW circle. Continue to end. Do other side. Go through outside seed beads with another color 1.5mm cube, one between each seed bead. Add clasp. Add single loop of seed beads to connect if using a magnetic clasp as shown. Peyote back down that single loop. It looks more finished that way.

You may wish to make the bracelet center about a half inch longer than you think you need, as it pulls up nicely, even if you don't bead tightly.

Enjoy your bracelet!

Paso Double updated

Susan Council did a version using cubes instead of the usual crystals, at the Fall Bead Retreat for MSEBRG.

Riza and I finally got to do one of our own at the Beadalot the other day. Hers is lapis rounds for the center, with 24K plated seed beads and mine is Jasper rounds for the center. I have worn it nonstop for three days and most times forget it is there- so comfy!

It is a fast bracelet to make up, whether you do it in two needle or single.

Why not try one of your own?

Happy Creating!

Mermaid RR in progress

We finally got the Mermaid RR off the ground and into the water! So many of us had health issues this summer, either with ourselves or our family, that it just paid to wait a bit.

Here is Andine- body by Sherry Grove and face by Sharon 'Harry' Solly. I think Sherry gave me the sequins, as well, and the little Czech fish. The button was from Bebee Goddard, so this is going to be full of memories, as well.

I can't wait to see how he looks when he comes home.

Happy Creating!

Some Fish Tales

Now that I can sit for more than a few minutes at the computer, I hope to catch up on posting AND reading blogs...I have missed it more than you will ever know.

We have a Challenge/Swap ongoing at Beaddreamz- beaded fish! It has caught on like nothing else and folks are making lots of fish in all different sorts of shapes and sizes.

Here are my two offerings, so far! The BFAC took all my beady and sitting effort, but it is done and now I get to play!

I see many, many more of these fish. They do take longer to make the embellished ones, but those hold their shape so much better than the peyote-only fish bodies.

Maybe I won't even have to get the tree decorations out, and as the tree is pre-lit, can just hang all my fishies and some beaded dolls on it this year.

Being a grown-up is SO much fun!

Happy Creating! Click on the pic to see it full size..