Friday, November 30, 2007

Gourdia, for Emily

She was created for Emily, youngest daughter of my VA friend, Sherry.

Emily is now a mother, herself.

Like a gourd, Emily has all the possibilities ahead, inside her.

The gourd flowers bear the fruit of her Life.

The pink crystals of her halo show that she is one of the Tribe of Love.

Gourdia, she is for Emily, and Emily is for her!

Pay It Forward, again, Sam

I have been immersed in old film talk for some time now, so....that's how that title came about.

BUT, in keeping with the spirit of the PIF, which I was introduced to via Tammy Crooked Heart Beader, I am offering a fully beaded being, of around 3-4" tall, to the first three persons who respond to this post.

My only requirement/request is that you also Pay It Forward, keeping the Energy and Spirit of this PIF alive, by posting it in your own blog.

Even if you aren't one of the three, please consider is alot of fun.

And, please allow me time to create a OOAK for each of the three who do receive...I hope to have it refect a bit of you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where has the Time gone?

Too much work, and not enough, have to fit it in where I can...tomorrow is Thanks-giving, and I am already thankful for so much.

What I have been up to lately.

Two dolls for a Secret Santa swap.

A single-color doll for a challenge.

Getting the store ready for Christmas and the Polar Express hordes (for Bryson, 100 people at a time is a horde).

Playing with the kitties.

Actually remembering to feed the indoor plants, and it SHOWS!

Practicing horn for our outdoor gigs in two weeks.

Blowing the thousands of oak leaves over the side of the mountain, where they can decay into soil in peace.

Watching the dogs run through the leaves down the mountainside, chasing them, and themselves!

Sitting in front of the fire with daughters and cats.

Watching the first three seasons of Nip Tuck on DVD ( just a hint- don't go there! it's addicting)

Snuggling into the down comforter with my Honey, and just talking about the day's events.

Eating the season's Honey Crisp and Ambrosia apples with fresh milled almond butter.

Enjoying Jamakinmecrazy coffee again, now that it is cold.

Watching Yoda kitten try to figure out where the sound is coming from on the keyboard! LOL!

Lots to be grateful for, that is for sure!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Frost on the Pumpkin, and everything else!

Oh yeah, I knew it was freezing last night for real, when Callie left the heater for our bed, putting her cold paws under my neck and snuggling into my hair!
The little pansy basket I received as a gift from a good friend is all crumpled, but with some sunshine today, will raise itself from a supposed death! Just another reason to love the little dear faces.
The giant ginko downtown was raining leaves, and they had not turned their usual bright gold before doing so.....all the plants and trees are a bit confused- alot of them think it is Spring now. Our fuschia laurel is blooming, as are the crepe myrtles. The crabapples put out a few puffs of white. Maybe now, with true cold, they will go to sleep, and recover from this awful year.....

Gold fans gently swirl
cover all below their tree.
Fall is truly here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Finally, November!

I know that November is a tough month for many folks, especially those 'up North', where sunlight becomes scarce, cold, wet winds blow, and that white stuff falls from the sky.
But, here in the Southern Mountains of NC, Winters are milder, and after the horrendously hot days of this year, I am happy to awaken to a grey, windy, rainy day. A day where I don't have to squint, or put on sunglasses, to see the squirrels caching their acorns, or the ravens squabbling over the catfood 'bitings' I tossed out for them. I can see the ridgeline in Tennesse, and Clingman's Dome, through the trees that have kindly dropped their leaves, to allow this cold weather view to happen.
It is a good day, and I am happy to have it off, to enjoy.
Funny how you can really appreciate the growth of trees here in the mountains. Instead of the two dimensional look you get in the flatlands, you are at the level of many of the tree topss. So, when those trees get a foot or so growth a year, you can really notice it.
When we first moved here, there was a clear view of Clingman's Dome most of the year, from our dining room. Now, we can only see it, and then only through the empty branches, after leaf fall. That was a growth of almost 10 feet over 6 years!
Not complaining, though, because when every other person I knew here was complaining of the heat at their home, those delightful trees shaded us from the afternoon sun, keeping temps almost 20 degrees cooler than in town! We never hit 100 degrees here.
And to think that people still believe Reagan's statement, made when he was president, that "trees cause pollution".
I am hoping for a more intelligent president, after this next election.

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